Shane Mosley on McGregor: ‘I can see from his technique that he is not on the same level as Mayweather’

After watching Conor McGregor’s media workout on Friday night, you wonder if he has a chance against Floyd Mayweather on August 26 in Las Vegas. However, after watching some footage of his sparring session with Paulie Malignaggi on Friday night, some might be giving McGregor a chance.

The last fighter to seriously have Mayweather in trouble was Shane Mosley back in 2010. Mosley hit Mayweather with two hard right hands in the 2nd round of their fight. While the shots hurt Mayweather, it was not enough to drop him. Ultimately, Mayweather would dominate the rest of the way and beat Mosley by a unanimous decision. 

Mosely was asked on Saturday night at the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame ceremony if McGregor could do what he did to Mayweather. 

Here is what Mosley told the assembled media:

“Anybody has a chance to be hit on the chin or whatever, but I have been fighting for 36, 37, 38 years, and McGregor has been boxing for two years. That’s a little disrespectful for him to think he could accomplish what I accomplished in that ring,” said Mosley.  Plus, I’m a little older than Floyd (Mayweather), so at the time, I had more experience than Floyd.  Anybody has a chance. Anybody can close their eyes and throw a shot, but I just don’t think he has the power. I don’t think he has the technique, or anything to be able do anything with Floyd in a boxing ring. Maybe MMA, but Boxing? I can’t see it.”

In the end, Mosley feels McGregor just does not have enough to beat Mayweather: 

“I also seen him spar with Chris van Heerden and other people,” said Mosley. “I can see from his technique that he is not on the same level as Mayweather.”


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