Lamar Odom to the BIG3?

Former NBA player Lamar Odom has had his struggles over the years, including a near death experience after a drug overdose back in 2015. 

Odom, 37, is reportedly clean at this point, and possibly looking to play basketball again.

According to Jim Harrick, who coached Odom at Rhode Island, Odom might be interested in playing in the BIG3.

“He told me before that he did not want to play anymore, but this 3-on-3 got him excited,” Harrick told TMZ Sports. Harrick believes Odom needs to get into shape in order to be successful in the BIG3. 

“I don’t know what that past has done to him, but if he can get in shape, he can compete with anybody! He’s a big-time player,” Harrick said.

It would be good to see Odom back on a basketball court again! 

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