Odom stops Carter in celebrity boxing match

Two-time NBA champion Lamar Odom showed off his boxing skills on Friday night in an Official Celebrity Boxing event at the Showboat Hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey(Streamed live on Fite.TV) against singer Aaron Carter.

The 6-10, 239-pound Odom used his height to beat up and beat down the 6-0, 175-pound Carter to win by second-round TKO. 

After a flurry by Carter in Round 1, which Odom was able to withstand, the former Laker star took control from there. He would drop Carter in the first and second round before referee, former MMA star Chuck Liddell, put a stop to the action after Carter called it quits in Round 2. 

Odom-Carter was fun for as long as it lasted. While it may not have been very technically sound, fight fans got to see what they love, which are knockdowns and knockouts.

Both Odom and Carter have had their share of issues over the years, so to see both guys in what appears to be a good place is a good thing.

Lamar Odom: ‘You want to be strong, defend your spot and your territory when you play with Kobe’

Kobe Bryant was a fierce competitor. He was never satisfied. His drive and greatness helped him win five NBA titles.

Former Laker Lamar Odom, who won two NBA titles with Bryant, discussed Kobe’s competitive spirit with The Vertical:

“No one was close to Kobe for me, his competitive spirit. I mean, D-Wade and Chris Paul … Chris Paul is second with his competitive drive, but Kobe Bryant, man, in the morning, man,” Odom told The Vertical. “He taught me to really finish off. To finish. Finish everything. I already had the Heat mantra instilled in me, lifting weights every day, which I started that season in Miami. I was cool with that, being around Kobe. You want to be strong, defend your spot and your territory when you play with Kobe.”

According to The Vertical, plans are being discussed for Odom to sign a contract to retire as a Laker in training camp.

Odom, 37, is reportedly sober and working on a few projects.


Charles Oakley on Lamar Odom to the BIG3: ‘I don’t want him on my team’

Former NBA star Lamar Odom might be returning to basketball. Not the NBA, but the BIG3. Odom is said to be interested in the 3-on-3 league. The founder of the BIG3 Ice Cube is interested in Odom, but would like for him to be in “shape.”  Odom, 37, last played in the NBA in 2013. 

Former NBA great Charles Oakley is not very interested in Odom to the BIG3.

Oakley, who is a player/coach for the Killer 3’s, was asked by TMZ Sports if he would want Odom on his team.

Here was Oak’s response:

“No, I don’t like him like that,” Oakley said. “In life, sometimes you only get but one chance. He had three or four chances. I mean he can play; he’s a talented guy. I don’t want him on my team.”

Oakley talked about his issue with Odom in this interview on The Dan Le Batard Show back in 2014:

Here is Oakley’s interview with TMZ Sports:


Ice Cube on Lamar Odom: ‘I would love to see him play again’

On Thursday, Lamar Odom’s college coach at Rhode Island Jim Harrick said that Odom had an interest in the BIG3. 

On Friday, Ice Cube, who is one of the founders of the BIG3, gave TMZ Sports his thoughts on Odom to the BIG3:

“I love Lamar. I would love to see him play again. Dudes just gotta get in shape,” said Ice Cube. “If they think gonna just walk off the street onto the BIG3 court, they sadly mistaken, so guys get in shape, we love to see them play.  It’s just how it is when you get out there. If you ain’t in shape, you gonna get embarrassed.”

Odom, 37, last played in the NBA in 2013. The former NBA star is reportedly sober after his drug overdose in 2015.


Lamar Odom to the BIG3?

Former NBA player Lamar Odom has had his struggles over the years, including a near death experience after a drug overdose back in 2015. 

Odom, 37, is reportedly clean at this point, and possibly looking to play basketball again.

According to Jim Harrick, who coached Odom at Rhode Island, Odom might be interested in playing in the BIG3.

“He told me before that he did not want to play anymore, but this 3-on-3 got him excited,” Harrick told TMZ Sports. Harrick believes Odom needs to get into shape in order to be successful in the BIG3. 

“I don’t know what that past has done to him, but if he can get in shape, he can compete with anybody! He’s a big-time player,” Harrick said.

It would be good to see Odom back on a basketball court again! 

Lamar Odom responds to Stephen A. Smith

Lamar Odom is not very happy with ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith today. On Thursday, when talking about how bad Knicks president Phil Jackson has been as an executive, Smith had this to say about Odom on First Take:

On Friday, Odom fired back. Odom, through his attorney Saam Zangeneh, sent a letter to ESPN chastising Smith for his comments about Odom’s addiction, and called on ESPN to “actively voice their disdain for Mr. Smith’s inappropriate statement and take the proper action to support those that are fighting this disease.”

Odom called Smith’s comments “slander’ on Twitter.  The Knicks signed Odom in April of 2014. The team waived him in July of that same year.

Smith probably will apologize at some point. You wonder if Smith’s comments could lead to a suspension?

Lamar Odom on cocaine: ‘It was my drug of choice’

Lamar Odom opened up about his drug addiction, reality TV, and so much more to US Weekly. Odom, 37, talked about his cocaine addiction and how his former wife Khloe Kardashian found out about his cocaine habit:

“I was in the man cave she had made for me and she caught me. She was disappointed. So was I. The sad thing about it is, I don’t know if I was disappointed because I was actually doing the drug or because she caught me. She knew I was doing cocaine the whole time after that. It was my drug of choice.”

 According to Odom, he is sober. Hopefully, he can continue to stay sober.