Bob Arum on slow ticket sales for Mayweather-McGregor: ‘There’s a limited number of suckers’

Legendary promoter Bob Arum has been a huge critic of Mayweather-McGregor. While Arum believes that the fight will be a ‘spectacle,” Arum does not give UFC star Conor McGregor much of a shot to beat Floyd Mayweather. 

Arum told TMZ Sports that McGregor “has no chance” to beat Mayweather on August 26.

Ticket sales are reportedly “slow” for this fight, and Arum believes if they lower the ticket prices(ringside seat at $10,000), the fight could be a sell out. 

If Mayweather wins on August 26 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, he would be 50-0. However, Arum does not think it matters because he is fighting McGregor, who is making his pro debut. “He does not deserve 50 because he is not fighting a fighter,” Arum told TMZ Sporrs. “He is not fighting a real boxer. McGregor is a good MMA guy, but it’s a different sport.

The fight may not be competitive, but given the opportunity, any promoter in the world would want to be apart of this event. 

Listen to the interview below:

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