Adrien Broner: ‘If I was Mexican, I would be a billionaire already’

Adrien Broner has a big test at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY on Saturday night. Broner will be battling Mexican-American star Mikey Garcia in a 12-round, junior-welterweight clash. 

Broner has had a lot of success in his career. The 28-year-old, Cincinnati native is a four-division belt holder, and has made some decent money along the way. However, Broner feels he would be a bigger star if he got more support from African-Americans.

Here is what he told

“No disrespect to my race, but if I was Mexican I would be a billionaire already. Point, blank, period – but, it’s more tough for us to reach that certain level because our people don’t really back our people the way their people back their people,” Broner said

“When you talk about, as we say, n****s. When you talk about n****s, it’s so many of us going against our own people that it’s like a crab in a bucket. A lot of reasons a lot of us don’t prevail is because the people we look up to really don’t bring us up like they can. I’m not one of them people,” Broner said.

You agree with Broner?


3 thoughts on “Adrien Broner: ‘If I was Mexican, I would be a billionaire already’

  1. Or maybe, just maybe, if he had invested and managed his earnings wisely, vs paying for an entourage, ridiculous spending at clubs, the same at countless other worthless venues , a failed attempt at being a “rapper”, buying outrageously expensive jewelry, and lavishly spending in general just to LOOK like he was already a billionaire, he might have been at least on the right track to someday becoming one. Hey but those are just things that he actually had control of,and since he has no control of the fact that he was born black then I guess it makes the best excuse to use as justification for not “earning” billions.

    1. He was disciplined enough to handle the success. if he were, he might “About Billions” You can’t be a rapper and an actor!

  2. Perhaps we would support him if he stopped acting like an ignorant idiot. Why support someone who degrades himself and us.

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