Mayweather’s ex upset with Conor McGregor

Earlier this week, Conor McGregor posted a picture of him on Instagram wearing a number 23 Golden State Warriors’ jersey. The jersey was not Draymond Green, but former Warriors G C.J. Watson.

Why C. J. Watson? 

 TMZ Sports has the details:

Floyd Mayweather’s ex-GF is FURIOUS at Conor McGregor over a “trolling” stunt that mocked her domestic violence incident with Floyd … saying he’s shamelessly profiting from her pain. The woman is Josie Harris — who Floyd was convicted of attacking during a 2010 domestic violence incident at the boxer’s Vegas home in front of their 3 kids. Mayweather spent 2 months behind bars for the attack. McGregor “trolled” Floyd over the incident last week by wearing an NBA jersey of C.J. Watson — the man Floyd accused Josie of secretly texting in 2010, which led to the violent altercation.


In a statement, through her attorney Dan Friedlander, Harris talked about McGregor’s “lack of sensitivity” to her situation:

“Although McGregor played no part in Mayweather’s physical and emotional abuse of Harris, his exploitation of the events of September 9, 2010, for publicity, entertainment, and personal gain, demonstrates a lack of sensitivity toward Harris and her three children who witnessed Maywetaher’s violence and the trauma they have suffered, and continue to suffer as a result of Mayweather’s conduct.”

Click below to read the complete statement:

0727_mcgregor_mayweather statement

I guess it’s a case of all fun and games, until somebody gets hurt. You wonder if and when McGregor will apologize.


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