Report: Kings to make trade proposal for Kyrie Irving

According to Amico Hoops, the Sacramento Kings are putting together a package to try to acquire Kyrie Irving.

The proposed package is expected to include rookie point guard De’Aaron Fox, sources said, and perhaps center Kosta Koufos, as well as others to help make the salaries match.

Irving, who reportedly has asked to be traded, would like to have a bigger role with another team. The 25-year-old Irving has three years left on his contract at $60 million, but he can opt out in two years.

In looking at this deal from the Kings perspective, it is a great move. You get a young player who could possibly lead your franchise. In addition, it would satisfy Irving’s desire to lead a team. From the Cavaliers side, getting Fox could be good long-term, but short-term, does not help the team win a title next season.

As Kyrie Irving puts it, Cleveland is in a “peculiar place.” They don’t know what LeBron James is going to do (James can opt out contract in summer 2018). Therefore, the question becomes when you trade Irving, do you get young players to grow with, or  veteran players that can help you win now?

It’s question that Cleveland will have to answer in the coming weeks.



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