Report: Joe Johnson to sign with Rockets

According to ESPN, Joe Johnson is expected sign with the Houston Rockets after his buyout is complete with the Sacramento Kings.

Johnson was sent to Sacramento, by the Jazz, in a three-team deal that included the Cavs and Kings before the NBA trade deadline on Thursday.

Johnson, 36, gives the Rockets another guy that can shoot the ball and provides the team with more depth.


Shaqtin’ a Fool? Shaq thinks Wizards’ Otto Porter plays for Kings

Hall of Famer and minority owner of the Sacramento Kings Shaquille O’Neal just had a “Shaqtin’ a Fool” moment. O’Neal, who is a NBA analyst for TNT, thought that Wizards F Otto Porter played for the Kings. 

You see, Porter had offer from the Sacramento Kings this summer, but he did not sign. Ultimately, Porter would sign an offer sheet from the Nets, which was matched by the Wizards. 

Listen to what Shaq had to say courtesy of CSN Mid-Atlantic:

It sounds like Shaq is in vacation mode. Maybe he needs some icy hot for his brain!

Report: Kings to make trade proposal for Kyrie Irving

According to Amico Hoops, the Sacramento Kings are putting together a package to try to acquire Kyrie Irving.

The proposed package is expected to include rookie point guard De’Aaron Fox, sources said, and perhaps center Kosta Koufos, as well as others to help make the salaries match.

Irving, who reportedly has asked to be traded, would like to have a bigger role with another team. The 25-year-old Irving has three years left on his contract at $60 million, but he can opt out in two years.

In looking at this deal from the Kings perspective, it is a great move. You get a young player who could possibly lead your franchise. In addition, it would satisfy Irving’s desire to lead a team. From the Cavaliers side, getting Fox could be good long-term, but short-term, does not help the team win a title next season.

As Kyrie Irving puts it, Cleveland is in a “peculiar place.” They don’t know what LeBron James is going to do (James can opt out contract in summer 2018). Therefore, the question becomes when you trade Irving, do you get young players to grow with, or  veteran players that can help you win now?

It’s question that Cleveland will have to answer in the coming weeks.



Rudy Gay to the Spurs

Rudy Gay is expected to sign with the Spurs. According to Adrian Wojnarowski, it’s a two-year deal, worth $17 million plus with a player option. For Gay, it’s an opportunity to play for a contender. For the Spurs, you get another guy who can put the ball in the basket. Moreover, in order to beat the Warriors, you are going to have to score a lot of points.

Great opportunity for the 30-year-old Gay, who averaged 18.2 ppg for the Kings last season. 

LaMarcus Aldridge on the move?

Could the LaMarcus Aldridge era in San Antonio be over? Aldridge, who signed a 4-year, 84 million dollar deal with the Spurs in 2015, could be had for a top 10 pick, according Sam Amico.  

Aldridge did have some struggles last season in San Antonio. He reportedly was upset with his role.

According to Amico, the Sacramento Kings could be the destination for Aldridge. The Kings have picks 5 and 10.

This should be fun!

The return of Sam Hinkie?

Could we see the return of former Philadelphia 76ers GM Sam Hinkie? According to ESPN, the Sacramento Kings are looking to talk to Hinkie. Does that mean the end of Vlade Divac in Sacramento? Does Hinkie work alongside Divac?

We’ll see where this goes.

Matt Barnes on his time in Sacramento: ‘Things didn’t go well there’

Matt Barnes is one lucky guy. He was able to get out of Sacramento, and land with the best team in the NBA. Barnes, who signed with the Warriors after being released by the Kings, will get an opportunity at revenge tonight as the Warriors host Sacramento. Barnes told reporters what he wants to do to the Kings:

“I’m trying to kill em,” said Barnes “Plain and simple. Things didn’t go well there.”

Well, there is a good possibility that Barnes and Warriors will “kill” the Kings, but that is not saying much!

Pelicans 0-3 since Cousins’ trade

Pelicans are now 0-3 since trading for DeMarcus Cousins. Concern? It has only been three games, and it will take time for everybody to get comfortable. End of the day, many were quick to crown the Pelicans as the number eight seed in the Western Conference. I was hoping the Pels would get the eighth seed, so they we could see how their size would matchup against the Warriors. At this point, the Pelicans are 3.5 behind the eighth seeded Nuggets with 22 games to play. Good news is they have three games left against the Nuggets; bad news is they have to jump four teams.

Pick it up Pelicans! Pick it up!

Boogie on the move!

Well it finally happened! The Kings made the move and traded Demarcus Cousins, Omri Casspi to the Pelicans for Buddy Hield, Tyreke Evans, Langston Galloway, a 2017 first round pick(top 3 protected) and 2017 second round pick.

Now, the Pelicans could possibly have the most talented center/power forward combination ever.(time will be the judge of that one) However, for the Kings it is rebuild time, but it was a move that had to be made!