Tony Romo on Ezekiel Elliott: ‘I know he’s a good kid’

On the field, Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott’s NFL career has started with a bang. He led the league in rushing, and helped the Cowboys win the NFC East last season. However, off the field is a very different story. Currently, Elliott is being investigated by the NFL for a domestic violence incident in 2016, and recently, Elliott was allegedly involved in an incident at a Dallas bar.

Former Cowboys QB Tony Romo thinks very highly of the 21-year old running back. Romo, who was a guest on the Ben and Skin Show on Thursday, came out in support of Elliott:

“With Zeke, he’s a friend and I know he’s a good kid and he’s just trying to find his way. He’s going to be in a position that’s always going to be in the spotlight. People are going to take photos. They’re going to talk about it.”

Romo believes that Elliott is trying to figure out how to be a NFL player off the field:

“But, I mean, a lot of people there are times in your career where you can go in two different directions and he’s figuring it out. Obviously he’s made some choices he reflects back and wished he’d done it a little different, but at the same time there’s just not a lot of people who are thrust into this spotlight this soon at that age. Really in the National Football League, there’s only a few of them.”

It would be sad to see Elliott’s career end because of his off the field behavior, but the good thing for Elliott is he only 21, and has time to become a better man. 

Hopefully, he can stay out of trouble moving forward. 


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