NFL: Elliott did not violate Personal Conduct Policy

Here is a statement from the NFL following Ezekiel Elliott’s meeting with Roger Goodell to discuss Elliott’s incident in May in Las Vegas:

“Immediately following reports of an incident in Las Vegas in May involving Ezekiel Elliott of the Dallas Cowboys, the NFL conducted a comprehensive investigation that included interviews with multiple witnesses, including security personnel and others with direct involvement, as well as a review of documentary and other information.

On Tuesday, as part of the review, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell met with Mr. Elliott to reinforce the standards of conduct expected of him and the consequences for failing to meet those standards.

Mr. Elliott acknowledged that he demonstrated poor judgment and committed to make better choices in the future. He volunteered to take advantage of the resources available to help him continue to grow personally.

Commissioner Goodell determined there was no violation of the personal conduct policy and no further action is warranted.”


Zeke: ‘This is the most dominant performance we’ve had since I’ve been here’

After losing to the Texans last Sunday night in OT, many were calling for Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett’s job. However, after today’s performance, that could all change, for now.

With UFC star Conor McGregor in the building, the Cowboys(3-3) dominated the Jaguars 40-7 at AT&T Stadium.

The Cowboys’ defense forced two turnovers, and QB Dak Prescott threw two touchdowns and ran for another, while RB Ezekiel Elliott rushed for 106 yards and one touchdown.

This was a complete game for the Cowboys, and according to Elliott, the best he has seen since he’s been in Dallas.

“This is the most dominant performance we’ve had since I’ve been here,” Elliott said after the game “We knew what we wanted to do. We came out, we started fast, we executed well, and we handled our business.

“I mean, I’ve been preaching this all year – just pure execution. We have the talent; we have the talent. We have the best O-Line in football. We have weapons on the outside. Dak’s a great quarterback. But if we don’t go out and there and play up to who we are, well then we’re not going to look like it. And today we went out there, and we showed ‘em who we were.”

Next week, the Cowboys travel to Washington to battle the NFC East leading Redskins.3-2). The Cowboys are 0-3 away from Jerry’s World this season, but Elliott knows that if Dallas continues to struggle on the road, they won’t make the playoffs.

“If we keep not winning on the road, we’re not going to make the playoffs,” Elliott said. “We’ve got to got out there and look at what we did this week and how we approached the game, and we’ve got to learn from that, and we’ve got to carry it to next week.”

The NFL is a week to week league; you can look bad one week and look great the next. All will be well for Garrett and company this week, but as we know, that could all change if the Cowboys struggle in Washington next week.

Jalen Ramsey on Ezekiel Elliott: ‘I think he is a complete back’

In his rookie season, Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott was a big reason the 2016 Cowboys had a lot of success. Elliott led the league in rushing, and the Cowboys won 13 games and had home-field advantage throughout the playoffs that season; however, the Cowboys would fall to the Packers in the divisional round.

Last season, Zeke was suspended for six games by the NFL for violating the league’s personal conduct policy after Elliott was accused of domestic violence, which was a big reason the Cowboys missed the playoffs in 2017.

Now, Zeke is back, but the Cowboys are struggling at 2-3. However, the third-year back is off to a decent start with 480 yards rushing and two touchdowns, along with 22 receptions for 155 yards and one touchdown in five games. Zeke is averaging 127 scrimmage yards per game this season, which is 5th in the NFL.

The man who was selected one pick behind Elliott in the 2016 NFL Draft, Jaguars CB Jalen Ramsey, thinks Elliott is one the best backs in football.

“I think he is a complete back. He is one of the tops in the league,” Ramsey said this week as the Jaguars prepare to travel to Dallas to play the Cowboys on Sunday. “I would argue he is. I think everybody would agree with that, though. To me personally, I think he has an all-around game.”

If the Cowboys want to turn this season around, Zeke has to continue to do his part. Also, QB Dak Prescott is going to have to play a little better as well. Fortunately, for the Cowboys, the NFC East is a bit weak, so if they can fix a few things on offense, maybe they will have a shot, but if it’s fixable, it all has to be fixed very soon.

Federal appeals court reinstates Ezekiel Elliott’s six-game suspension

Ezekiel Elliott’s six-game suspension was reinstated by a federal appeals court today.

Elliott, who was suspended six games for violating the NFL’s personal conduct policy(alleged domestic violence), was able to play due to a preliminary injunction last month by a district court judge, which put a halt to Elliott’s six game suspension.

According to the NFL Network’s Gabe Feldman, Elliott’s team could re-file in federal court in New York.

This by no means is over…..


Judge allows Ezekiel Elliott to play on

Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott suspension has been put on hold, for now.

According to ESPN:

Federal judge Amos Mazzant III granted a request by the NFL Players Association for a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction to prevent the implementation of the six-game suspension for Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott.

With the injunction granted, Elliott will likely be able to continue playing as the legal process plays out.

Here is a copy of the order:

The 22-year-old RB was already eligible to play against the Giants on Sunday. Before the injunction, Elliott’s six-game suspension for violating the NFL’s personal conduct policy was to start on Monday.

This is big for the Cowboys. Elliott led the league in rushing last season, and was a big reason why the Cowboys won the NFC East in 2016.

Ezekiel Elliott six-game suspension upheld; Zeke will play on Sunday

Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott six-game suspension for violating the league’s personal conduct policy has been upheld. However, due to the timing of the decision, Elliott will be eligible to play Week 1 against the Giants. Arbitrator Harold Henderson heard the case and sided with the league.

Elliott, 22, was investigated by the league for over a year for an alleged domestic violence incident. Elliott has not been arrested or charged with a crime in that incident.

Here is the statement from Elliott’s legal team:

Obviously, losing Elliott for an extended period of time is a big blow to the Cowboys, but this is far from over.


Ezekiel Elliott’s father: ‘My son’s legal team is ready to fight’

Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott seems ready for a fight, according to his father. Elliott’s dad copied a report from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram about Elliott’s appeal, and said this in a tweet on Monday morning:

Elliott, who was suspended by the NFL for six games for an alleged domestic violence incident with his ex-girlfriend in Columbus, OH, is expected to appeal the suspension.

The 22-year-old Elliott was not arrested or charged with a crime in this incident. However, according to the NFL’s investigation, Elliott violated the league’s personal conduct policy.

The NFL investigated Elliott for over a year, and came down with their ruling on Friday.

At this point, Elliott is expected to return Week 8 against the Redskins.


Kurt Warner on Elliott’s suspension: ‘It’s a big blow for the Cowboys’

Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott was suspended six games by the NFL on Friday, for violating the league’s personal conduct policy. Elliott is expected to appeal the suspension. Elliott, 22, was investigated by the league for an alleged domestic violence incident in 2016 with his ex-girlfriend Tiffany Thompson.  Elliott has not been arrested or charged with domestic violence in that incident.

Obviously, this could have a huge impact on the Cowboys in 2017. While they do have a top-flight offensive line, Dallas will have a hard time replacing a guy with Elliott’s ability, and production.

Hall of Famer Kurt Warner believes Elliott’s suspension will impact the Cowboys’ season:

“I don’t know how it can’t. You got the leading rusher in the league last year,” Warner told TMZ Sports. “A guy who is a rookie, and only going to get better, so you have to believe it’s going to affect them big picture wise. Six games and I know they have some tough games to start the season, so it’s a big blow for the Cowboys.”

In the first six games, Dallas plays two playoff teams from 2016 (Giants, Packers), two teams that could make the playoffs in 2017(@ Broncos @ Cardinals), and two teams that were awful last season (Rams, @ 49ers). The schedule is tough, but manageable. They could be 4-2, 3-3 at worse without Zeke. 

Elliott’s suspension hurts, but the Cowboys should be good enough to survive. 


Here is the official statement from the NFL:

Ezekiel Elliott of the Dallas Cowboys was notified today by the NFL that he will be suspended without pay for the team’s first six 2017 regular-season games for violating the league’s Personal Conduct Policy.

Over the course of the last year, the league conducted an extensive investigation. League investigators interviewed more than a dozen witnesses, including Ms. Tiffany Thompson, who had alleged multiple instances of physical violence in July 2016, and Mr. Elliott. The league also consulted with medical experts. League investigators examined all available evidence, including photographic and digital evidence, thousands of text messages and other records of electronic communications.

Pursuant to the Personal Conduct Policy, Commissioner Goodell sought the views of four external advisors (see below) to assist him in evaluating potential violations. These experts range in experience from law enforcement, judicial and public service, and other specialized subject areas.

The advisors participated in a meeting on June 26, 2017 in New York City with Elliott, who was represented by his legal team and the NFL Players Association. The group also reviewed the league’s investigative reports and materials, the expert medical reports, and multiple NFL Players Association submissions on Elliott’s behalf.

In a letter to Elliott advising him of the decision, Todd Jones, the NFL’s Special Counsel for Conduct, said these advisors “were of the view that there is substantial and persuasive evidence supporting a finding that [Elliott] engaged in physical violence against Ms. Thompson on multiple occasions during the week of July 16, 2016.”

After reviewing the record, and having considered the views of the independent advisors, the commissioner determined that the credible evidence established that Elliott engaged in conduct that violated NFL policy.

Elliott may appeal this decision within three days. If he does not appeal, Elliott’s suspension will begin September 2, the day of final roster reductions for NFL teams. He is eligible to participate in all preseason practices and games. Elliott will be eligible to return to the team’s active roster on Monday, October 23following the Cowboys’ Sunday, October 22 game against the San Francisco 49ers.


Cris Carter: ‘In the next 48 hours, I would be shocked if Zeke(Elliott) was not suspended’

Hall of Famer Cris Carter believes that Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott will be suspended soon. How soon? In the next 48 hours!

Elliott is being investigated by the NFL for a domestic violence incident in 2016.

Carter did speculate that some evidence in this case may have been destroyed.

Here is what Carter had to say on FS1’s Undisputed:

Elliott led the NFL in rushing yards last season.