Report: Carmelo Anthony still expects to be traded

According to ESPN, Carmelo Anthony still expects to be traded. The 33-year-old Anthony is reportedly¬†willing to waive his no-trade clause for the Rockets or Cavaliers. However, after Houston’s acquisition of Chris Paul, Anthony is said to be more interested in joining the Rockets over the Cavaliers, according to the report.

With GM Scott Perry’s hiring from Sacramento and the promotion of Steve Mills to president, the Knicks have paused those trade discussions, in part, because New York has been unhappy with the recent proposed returns on an Anthony deal, according to the report.

While I believe the Knicks will eventually trade Anthony, they are in the Eastern Conference. Therefore, it could be possible with the way the Knicks are presently constructed that they could sneak into the playoffs, but sneaking into the playoffs really does nothing for Anthony or the Knicks.


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