Jeff Horn on Pacquiao victory: ‘There should be no arguments’

WBO welterweight champion Jeff Horn is still riding high after beating Manny Pacquiao in a controversial unanimous decision earlier this month. Many over the past few weeks have criticized Horn’s victory. Recently, the WBO had five judges review the fight; three of the judges gave the fight to Horn, one judge gave the fight to Pacquiao, and another judge scored the fight a draw.

Horn, 29, was very happy about the WBO’s decision. “I’m glad the results have come in from the other judges just full of variety, so there should be no arguments,” Horn told TMZ Sports. “It’s exactly what I felt on the day, and Pacquiao said the same thing after the fight that he thought he had lost. The decision stands.” (Reportedly Pacquiao called the judging “horrible”) 

While I thought Pacquiao won the fight, it was close enough where you could see someone giving the fight to Horn. However, if the fight was fought anywhere else but Australia, Pacquiao would have gotten the decision.


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