LeBron’s family did not want him to return to Cleveland

Last year, LeBron James fulfilled his promise to Cleveland and won a championship. However, if it were up to the family of “King James,” LeBron still might be in Miami. In an episode of Uninterrupted’s The Shop, James talked about his mom and his wife’s initial reaction when LeBron talked to them about possibly returning to Cleveland in 2014.

“My mama and my wife was like, ‘fu__ that. I ain’t with that.’ My mom was definitely like, ‘fu– that. We ain’t going back,’ explained James.

LeBron’s family did not want him to return to Cleveland because of the nasty letter written by Cavs owner Dan Gilbert when LeBron left Cleveland to go to Miami in 2010. James talked about what he had to do to convince his family why a return to Cleveland was a good thing:

“I had to finally be just like, ‘you know what mom it ain’t even really about that.’ Me going back is more of a bigger picture, and it’s more of all these kids, all these people that need inspiration, and need a way to get out, and I believe I’m that way out. And so, I had to be like as much as like my mom mean everything to me, and my wife mean everything, my kids, my mama she was so like ‘if you go back, I ain’t going back with you.’ she was like, ‘I’m staying in Miami or I’m going somewhere else, send me somewhere else.’ I had to be like, let’s not worry about the small sh–, and let’s worry about us trying to build something bigger than our name.”

Based off what happened last year, LeBron made the right move!

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