Austin Rivers on the Clippers: ‘I think we gotta keep it together’

Austin Rivers wants to keep the Clippers together. He believes the Clippers are close to winning a title.

“I think we right there on a cusp of doing something special, so I think we just gotta keep it together man. Great things take some time, and were getting better, so I don’t think it’s time to break it up yet man. I think that’s a little dramatic,” Rivers told TMZ Sports.

We still feel like we can be a NBA championship team man. We this close; we about a piece away, so it would be idiotic to break everything up.”

Rivers does not see the Clippers breaking up. I wonder if his daddy told him that?

I don’t think the Clippers are that close, but the Clippers number one priority should be getting their hands on Carmelo Anthony! If that happens, it could change things!

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