Report: Ariza, Green suspended 2 games by NBA

Update: Here’s a statement from the NBA on the suspensions:

Houston Rockets forward Trevor Ariza and guard Gerald Green have each been suspended two games without pay for entering the Los Angeles Clippers’ locker room to confront a player from the opposing team, it was announced today by Kiki VanDeWeghe, Executive Vice President, Basketball Operations.

The incident occurred following the Clippers’ 113-102 win over the Rockets on Jan. 15 at Staples Center.  During the league’s investigation, which included more than 20 interviews with executives, staff, coaches and players from both teams, as well as arena personnel, it was determined that Ariza and Green entered the Clippers’ locker room immediately after the game and engaged in a hostile, verbal altercation with several Clippers players.  The league’s investigation further concluded that Rockets players, James Harden and Chris Paul, followed Ariza and Green into the corridor outside the locker room in an effort to defuse the situation, and accordingly, discipline is not warranted.

Ariza and Green will serve their suspensions during the Rockets next two games, Jan. 18 vs. Minnesota and Jan. 20 vs. Golden State.



Matt Barnes on Austin Rivers: ‘He carries himself like he is a 10x All-Star’

Monday night at the Staples Center was very contentious as the Rockets played the Clippers in Chris Paul’s return to Los Angeles. Paul was mad at his former teammate Blake Griffin. Trevor Ariza was angry at Austin Rivers, and before you know it, James Harden, Trevor Ariza, and Gerald Green reportedly tried to get into the Clippers’ locker room to confront Blake Griffin and Austin Rivers.

Matt Barnes, who played with Rivers with the Clippers, can see why players would have issues with Rivers:

“Austin kinda rubs people the wrong way,” Barnes explained to “Left Coast Live” on Mad Dog Radio. “He talks a lot of trash and doesn’t really back it up. I think people are probably tired of that.

Barnes explained some of issues players may have with Rivers:

“He’s just very arrogant. I know him personally, and at the beginning, it kind of took a little bit to get used to, and as a teammate you kind of just accept him for who he is and have his back as a teammate,” Barnes said. “But hearing guys talk around the league, and seeing guys had a problem with him while I was playing with him, I can see why. He carries himself like he is a 10x All-Star, and he’s not that. That kind of arrogance rubs people the wrong way. If you’re talking trash on top of that, there are some guys who are not going to have that. And I know Trevor(Ariza) is one of them.”

Barnes talks more about Austin and Doc Rivers at the link below:

Clippers’ Austin Rivers would not go to the White House

Add the Clippers’ Austin Rivers to the list of players that would not go to the White House if his team won a NBA title. When asked by TMZ Sports if he would go to the White House, Rivers said, “Nope.”

This is after Steph Curry and other Warriors’ players saying that they might not go to the White House, if invited, to celebrate their second title in three years.

Fortunately or unfortunately for Rivers, this might not be an issue for him. The Clips are not championship material at this time!


Austin Rivers on the Clippers: ‘I think we gotta keep it together’

Austin Rivers wants to keep the Clippers together. He believes the Clippers are close to winning a title.

“I think we right there on a cusp of doing something special, so I think we just gotta keep it together man. Great things take some time, and were getting better, so I don’t think it’s time to break it up yet man. I think that’s a little dramatic,” Rivers told TMZ Sports.

We still feel like we can be a NBA championship team man. We this close; we about a piece away, so it would be idiotic to break everything up.”

Rivers does not see the Clippers breaking up. I wonder if his daddy told him that?

I don’t think the Clippers are that close, but the Clippers number one priority should be getting their hands on Carmelo Anthony! If that happens, it could change things!