Adrien Broner needs to leave Cincinnati!

Adrien Broner has had a lot of problems over the past few years, including a stint in prison last summer. Sadly, the problems continue. According to reports, Broner, 27, was arrested for a warrant from 2014 in Covington, KY, last night, which is close to his hometown of Cincinnati.  Broner claimed that his car was being followed and was shot at in Cincinnati.  He traveled into Kentucky where he was ultimately stopped, and arrested. Broner was released in the morning. According to police, Broner’s car was riddled with bullets.

When will Broner finally get it?  He has a lot of ability and personality, but he finds a way into the headlines, for all the wrong reasons.  We keep waiting for “The Problem” to get it; unfortunately, we continue to get incidents like this.

At the some point, boxing will not be there for Broner.  While he is a former four-division world titleholder, Broner has had issues when he stepped up in competition (Maidana and Porter). What is Broner at this point of his career?  Could you see him beating a Terrance Crawford? Keith Thurman? Kell Brook? Errol Spence? I’m not sure he can. Broner’s power really has not traveled with him to 140 and 147.  There are a bunch of exciting fights out there for him. However, his behavior tells you that he needs to work on Adrien Broner, the person.

One thing Broner could do to change things is move out of Cincinnati. According to WCPO, Here are some of things Broner has done in the Cincinnati area:

Robbery (2010 and 2007), aggravated robbery (2007), felonious assault (2007), gun charges (2007 and 2008), domestic violence (2008), intimidation of a witness (2008).

Some of these crimes have led to incarnation. Last year, Broner was incarcerated for showing up late to court. He was in court because of an alleged robbery and assault, outside of a bowling alley in the Cincinnati area. Ultimately, the charges were dismissed.

Not everybody can stay in their hometown once they become successful. Broner is one of those guys. He can no longer stay in Cincinnati. AB take my advice and leave Cincinnati.

A move will serve you well.

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