Gary Trent Sr. on playing LaVar Ball 1-on-1: ‘We do some pay-per-view money; I’m all for that’

LaVar Ball has talked about everything and everybody over the past few months.  He said things that were funny, and some things that were downright ridiculous. Gary Trent Sr., the father of Duke recruit Gary Trent Jr., gave his thoughts on Ball. (laughing) “You know, when I see him on TV its humor(laughing). He loves his kids. I get what he’s doing, maybe there could be a little smoother or more articulate way to go about it, but you know everybody do their thing a certain way. Its humor though (laughing),” Trent told goforitgantsports.

Ball had been on record as saying he could beat Michael Jordan in a one-on-one game, but could he beat Gary Trent Sr. one-on-one? “Can he beat me in one-on-one? (Laughing) As of right now, I don’t hoop. I just lift weights man, and do some cardio. He might be able get me in one-on-one.” Trent Sr. said.  Trent Sr. might be open to a pay-per-view event with Ball.  “Want to put it on pay-per-view and go out there for some money? I’m all for that too now, you know? Ball dad vs. Trent dad, we do some pay-per-view money— I’m all for that.(laughing)”

Based on how good Gary Jr. has been in high school, maybe we could see Trent jr. vs. Ball at some point in the NBA.

Listen to interview below:

Trent talks Ball at 37:12 mark of the interview.

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