Chris Childs on why he was not invited to 98-99 Knicks reunion: ‘It might have to do with me supporting Charles Oakley’

The 1998-99 Knicks was a team with a lot heart, and a lot of grit. A team that had an improbable run through the NBA playoffs. This team was the eighth seed in the playoffs, but beat Miami, Atlanta, and Indiana to get to the NBA Finals. Unfortunately in the NBA Finals, they would lose to the Spurs in five.

This team will be celebrated today at MSG. However, a player who was apart of that run was not invited. Backup point guard Chris Childs will not be at MSG. Childs told why that might be the case:

“I have no idea. I talked to John Starks the other day. Allan Houston, Kurt Thomas, and Larry Johnson all have my number. It might have to do with me supporting Charles Oakley.”\

We all know what happened between Oakley and the Knicks!

If that is the case, the Knicks are being a little ridiculous.  While he was a not the main reason the Knicks made it to the NBA Finals, he did help them get there.  Hopefully, the Knicks have a good reason for not inviting Childs. 



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