Oakley on Dolan: ‘Why would you bury the hatchet with someone who dragged you out of the place?’

Former Knicks legend Charles Oakley has no love for the owner of the Knicks James Dolan, and who could blame him. Oakley was arrested and charged with assault after an altercation with security at MSG during a Knicks’ game back in 2017.

Oakley, 54, would eventually reach a plea deal, which allowed him to have the charges removed from his record if he stayed out of trouble. Also, it called for Oakley to be banned from the Garden for one year.

This was an ugly incident, and quite frankly, very sad.

Recently, when asked by TMZ Sports if he is willing to make peace with Dolan, Oakley had this to say:

“Why would you bury the hatchet with someone who dragged you out of the place?” Oakley told TMZ Sports.

You can understand Oakley’s take on this situation. Oakley and Dolan had been at odds for years. However, legends like Oakley, who spent 10 seasons in New York, should always be welcomed at MSG. While the Knicks did not win a title during Oakley’s time in New York, he was apart a great era of basketball. Hopefully, the Knicks can make this situation right in the near future.

Charles Oakley makes debut in LA; highlights of Week 8 in the BIG3

The BIG3 was in Los Angeles at the Staples Center on Sunday. More than 10,000 plus fans saw the debut of Charles Oakley. Oakley, 53, has coached the whole season for the Killer 3’s. On Sunday, he decided to get on the court. Oakley finished the game 0-3 from the field, with zero points in eight minutes.

Also, we saw an epic four-point shooting contest between LaVar Ball and BIG3 founder Ice Cube. The rap legend beat Ball 2-1.

Here are highlights of the four-point shooting contest between LaVar Ball and Ice Cube:

Here are the sights and sounds of Week 8 of the BIG3:


Power (4-4) 42 vs. Tri-State (3-5) 51



Killer 3’s (2-6) 41 vs. Trilogy (8-0) 50

Watch Oakley as he gets physical with Al Harrington:



Ball Hogs (2-6) 50 vs. 3’s Company (3-5) 47



3 Headed Monsters (6-2) 33 vs. Ghost Ballers (4-4) 50


The playoffs start next week in Seattle.

Video/Courtesy: FOX Sports 1

Charles Oakley on today’s NBA players: ‘Some of them should wear dresses while they’re playing basketball’

Former NBA player Charles Oakley was a very physical guy during his 19-year career, but Oakley also had good fundamental skills. He was a good passer, solid rebounder, and a great defender. 

Oakley, who is a coach in the BIG3, is not a fan of today’s NBA players. 

Oak was in Dallas on Saturday night with the BIG3, and was apart of a live podcast hosted by actor Michael Rapaport.

Oak believes today’s NBA players are “sensitive”

Take a listen:



Chris Childs on why he was not invited to 98-99 Knicks reunion: ‘It might have to do with me supporting Charles Oakley’

The 1998-99 Knicks was a team with a lot heart, and a lot of grit. A team that had an improbable run through the NBA playoffs. This team was the eighth seed in the playoffs, but beat Miami, Atlanta, and Indiana to get to the NBA Finals. Unfortunately in the NBA Finals, they would lose to the Spurs in five.

This team will be celebrated today at MSG. However, a player who was apart of that run was not invited. Backup point guard Chris Childs will not be at MSG. Childs told TheKnicksBlog.com why that might be the case:

“I have no idea. I talked to John Starks the other day. Allan Houston, Kurt Thomas, and Larry Johnson all have my number. It might have to do with me supporting Charles Oakley.”\

We all know what happened between Oakley and the Knicks!

If that is the case, the Knicks are being a little ridiculous.  While he was a not the main reason the Knicks made it to the NBA Finals, he did help them get there.  Hopefully, the Knicks have a good reason for not inviting Childs.