Kevin Durant: ‘The first diagnosis we got was that I broke my leg’

When Kevin Durant was injured on February 28th, he originally thought he fractured his tibia.  However, that was not the case. He told that and more to “The Bill Simmons Podcast” :

Well, the first diagnosis that we got was that I broke my leg, fractured my tibia. That’s a four- or five-month recovery.  I just burst out crying. I’m like, “Man, not again.”

“Then we got a call like, ‘We checked the scans again.’ We had to get a CT scan to see what condition the bone was in — that gives you a more in-depth picture of the bone — and they told me that it was just a bruise there and I sprained my MCL. [My] reaction in the car was second to none. If you’d have seen, that emotional roller coaster, that hour, it was something out of a movie.”

If Durant was out for the year, the Warriors were not getting back to the NBA Finals. Fortunately, he escaped with a sprained MCL and tibial bone bruise.  Now, Durant might be back the end of the regular season!

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