Browns’ Joe Thomas on Kaepernick: ‘Teams accept zero distractions from their backup QBs’


Cleveland Browns’ OT Joe Thomas has chimed in on the Colin Kaepernick debate. Thomas went to Twitter to talk about Kaepernick. According to Thomas, teams in the NFL believe that Kaepernick is a backup, and Thomas believes that teams accept zero distractions from backup quarterbacks.  What Thomas is saying is not wrong, but I don’t think Kaepernick would be that much of a distraction. He really was not much of a distraction with the 49ers last season. In fact, his teammates gave him the “Len Eshmont Award,” which is given to a 49er who shows “courage.” Also, reportedly Kaepernick will stand during the anthem next season.

The real issue what Kaepernick stood or sat down for last season. People were not ready to hear that message, and still are not ready. As I said in the past, Kaepernick will get a chance, but it may take time.

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