Are the Cavs in trouble?

The Cleveland Cavaliers have been making move, upon move in order to strengthen their roster. At this point, it’s a work in progress. The additions of  Kyle Korver, Derrick and Deron Williams, Andrew Bogut (injured and gone), and Larry Sanders (recently called up from D-League) have worked on the offensive end, but defensively the Cavs have been a mess. While the Cavaliers score 110 ppg, they give up 106 ppg(22nd in the NBA). However, last season the Cavs gave up only 98 ppg(4th in NBA). Maybe the addition of Larry Sanders could help, but he is coming back to the NBA after being gone for two years. Also, if you look at the last few games, point guards have torched this team. Last Sunday, D’Angelo Russell hit them up for 40pts; Kemba Walker dropped 28 on Friday, and Saturday night John Wall scored 37. The teams in the Eastern Conference that could challenge the Cavaliers all have big time point guards; John Wall in Washington, Isaiah Thomas in Boston, and if healthy, Kyle Lowry in Toronto. 

The Cavaliers and Celtics are tied for the best record in the Eastern Conference. Do I think the Cavaliers need home court advantage to get to the NBA Finals? No! They did not have it two years ago against the Raptors, and they still made it to the NBA Finals. Boston, Toronto and Washington could challenge the Cavs, but there’s no way I’m betting against LeBron James.

I believe the Cavaliers will “score” their way back to the NBA Finals. Will they win another title? I’ll let time be the judge of that one!

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