Manziel to the Saints?

The return of Johnny Manziel could happen sooner than later. According to reports, Manziel had breakfast with Saints’ coach Sean Payton during Super Bowl week. Apparently, a return to football was talked about during this meeting. According to Manziel, he is living a sober life. 

First, how could Manziel get a job before Colin Kaepernick? Secondly, I do think the Saints would be a good place for Manziel. He could learn under Drew Brees and Sean Payton. Finally, if Manziel does get a job before Kaepernick, the NFL has some serious explaining to do. Kaepernick has at least done something productive in the NFL. Plus, Kaepernick has stayed out of trouble. On the hand, Manziel has been a mess since coming into the league.  Unfortunately for Kaepernick, he is being penalized for speaking up and speaking out.  Sadly, he would have been better off getting arrested. 

The hypocrisy is real!  

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