Tanoh Kpassagnon on his love for football: ‘I don’t know why that’s a question’

Most players in the NFL Draft have questions they need to answer in order to convince teams to draft them. Villanova DE Tanoh Kpassagnon is no different. According to a NFC regional scout,  some question whether Kpassagnon truly loves the game of football. Kpassagnon believes those teams have nothing to worry about. “I don’t know why that’s a question. I feel like I kind of proved that I love football,” Kpassagnon explained to Paul Gant. “It’s really one of the first things I did for myself; as I said earlier my mom really pushed education. Actually, when I first signed up to play football, my mom was against it, so the only way I could play was if I kept my grades up.  That was the agreement, so I kept my grades up. So, my hard work has kind of shown, and my mom sees how much work I put into it, and appreciates the sport a lot of more; that’s really cool.”

Kpassagnon, who grew up in a suburb north of Philadelphia, is a life long Eagles fan. Playing at home is something that intrigues him. “Being around home that would be cool. To play for the hometown team, all the love in the city I already have multiplied. That would be sick.

We’ll see if Kpassagnon will get his opportunity to play in Philly or elsewhere come draft day.

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