Tanoh Kpassagnon on the 40: ‘I think I could run faster’

The NFL combine brought out the best in a lot of players. It is an opportunity for players to prove why they belong in the NFL. One person who made the best of this opportunity is former Villanova DE Tanoh Kpassagnon.  The 6’7, 289 pound Kpassagnon did some amazing things in Indianapolis; including running the 40 in 4.83 seconds, but Kpassagnon feels he could run it faster. “Honestly, I think I could run faster than that. I was happy with that time, but yeah I think I could of run faster than that,” Kpassgnon told Go4it host Paul Gant. When asked what was his fastest time Kpassagnon said: “Probably like low 4.7s.”

Some believe Kpassagnon will be a project on the next level, and may not be able to contribute day one. He feels differently.  “I learn fast, so I feel like I could grow into a playable player really quick.”

Kpassagnon has his pro day coming up. That will be a great time to further prove he belongs in the NFL. Kpassagnon just might show the country that Villanova is more than just a basketball school!

To listen to the complete interview:


Interview comes in at 1:05:11

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