Lavar Ball keeps on talking

There is nothing wrong with thinking highly of your kids.  Parents should think highly of their kids, but sometimes they can go too far. Lavar Ball, father of UCLA star Lonzo Ball, believes that his son Lonzo is better than Steph Curry. Ball was a guest of “Undisputed” where he talked about this belief. “I have the utmost confidence in what my son does. And just because I say he’s better than somebody, who cares? I believe it. So, I don’t care what nobody else says. You can judge on your own.”

Okay, I will judge on my own. Could Lonzo Ball eventually be better than Curry? Sure! Is he better than Curry now? No!  I personally believe that Lavar is enjoying his 15 minutes of fame, which could be much longer if his boys live up to the hype. 

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