“The Quad” Kevin Savage talks about his first HBCU experience, and his love for Howard University

Actor Kevin Savage plays a college quarterback on the hit series “The Quad” at the fictitious Georgia A&M. Savage talked about his first experience on an HBCU campus and Howard homecoming with Go4it’s Paul Gant.

“It’s funny because my ex, she’s my ex now; I was with her for seven years, man, and she went to Howard,” Savage said. “If you know anything about Howard, you know about their homecoming. You know, man, they throw the best homecoming,” said Savage. “So, my first time experiencing HBCU life was being on campus during homecoming at Howard.”

Savage talked about returning to school, and when asked what school he had in mind, he said this: “Definitely Howard because that was my first experience, man, and they’re a great university. If I choose to go back, that would be the school I’m doing. Howard all day! HU!”

Listen to the full interview with Kevin Savage at the link below:

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