“The Quad” Kevin Savage: “I auditioned for three different roles, and actually did not get any of the three roles”

There has been a lot of buzz about BET’s hit show “The Quad.” It is a show about football, HBCU college life, and so much more! Actor Kevin Savage joined Go4it’s Paul Gant to discuss the show. Savage tells a story about how he auditioned three times for other roles on the show before he landed the role of Terrance.

“When I auditioned for “The Quad,” I auditioned for three different roles and actually did not get any of the three roles I auditioned for,” said Savage. “They called and said hey you’re booked, but you booked the quarterback role. I said okay, cool, let’s do it! Who does not want to play a quarterback on a TV show.”

Along the way, Savage had to work hard to play a quarterback on TV successfully. “When I got out there and threw the ball they were like, okay, he is clearly not a quarterback. Embarrassing! It was humbling at the same time, but I got the chance to work on it in between the pilot and when we actually started shooting the series. So, when I came back, man, my arm was a lot better, and we got it in.”

Make sure you check Kevin and the rest of the cast of “The Quad” on BET!

Check out the rest of the interview with Kevin Savage at the link below, which comes in at 1:06:20:

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