Giants’ Taylor: ‘I came in here ready to compete’

Late in the 2021 season, New York Giants QB Daniel Jones injured his neck and missed the season’s final six games. In those six games, the Giants struggled mightily on offense as quarterbacks Jake Fromm and Mike Glennon were not very good.

After that situation, the Giants knew they had to get a better backup going forward, and they did. In the offseason, Giants GM Joe Schoen, who was in the Bills’ organization when QB Tyrod Taylor was in Buffalo, signed Taylor to a two-year, $11 million contract.

The 33-year-old has been a starter in this league, been a Pro Bowler, and started six games for the Texans last season. He’s definitely an upgrade for the Giants.

The 12-year veteran has been around many situations in the NFL As a backup, it’s hard to be one of the leaders on the team, but he’s a vet, and he can help the younger players on the Giants.

On Wednesday, Taylor discussed his leadership style.

“It’s been different,” Taylor said about his leadership style. “If you would’ve asked me earlier in my career, I was always a lead by example. I think the older you get, the more experience you have you become more comfortable being vocal. Ultimately, how you play and how you execute is what guys are going to respond to the most. For me, go out and do your job each and every day, uplift guys and make the guys better, and trust them. Don’t go out there and try to be Superman. There are 11 guys on the field playing for one goal, and that’s to win the rep and ultimately win the game. Each and every play, like I said, just be detailed in your focus and execution.”

Also, as a backup, Taylor is there to support starter Daniel Jones, who Taylor believes has been impressive.

“Great competitor, friendly, southern,” Taylor said about Jones. “Me and my friends go back and forth on whether Virginia is southern or not. It kind of reminds me of people I grew up with, Virginia and North Carolina. Much respect for Daniel. The way he approaches his job each and every day and the way he goes out and leads. I think just the quarterback room as a whole, we all bring out the best in one another. Whether it’s in competitions, whether it’s in the weight room, whether it’s on the field, we tally up who has the best throws for the day. If you see our board of tallies, it can get crazy, but much respect to Daniel. He’s doing a great job throughout camp.”

Again, Taylor has been a starter numerous times in this league. He’s a competitor, but barring injury or abysmal play from Jones, he’s not going to get many snaps; according to Taylor, he’s just going to stay ready.

“I came in here ready to compete, and that’s what the nature of this game is,” Taylor said. “There is only one quarterback that can play, and you have to be ready at any time when that opportunity presents itself. I’m working each and every day just trying to get better and ready for the opportunity that presents itself.”

Lorenzo Alexander on Taylor: ‘People don’t give him as much credit as they should’

Buffalo Bills QB Tyrod Taylor did something in Buffalo that has not been done in 18 years. Many quarterbacks have tried in Buffalo, but nobody could break the playoff drought except for Taylor.

Taylor led the Bills to a 9-7 record in 2017, and the Bills were able to make the playoffs for the time since 1999.

While Taylor was solid last season(2799 yds, 14tds), many believe that the Bills need to upgrade the position.

Taylor, 28, who is scheduled to make $16 million next season, which includes a $6 million roster bonus, has been on record as saying that he will not take a pay cut in 2018.

Taylor restructured his contract last season and took a $10 million pay cut to stay with the Bills. 

The big question in Buffalo is will Taylor return in 2018?

If it were up to Bills LB Lorenzo Alexander, Taylor would be back in Buffalo next season and beyond:

“He’s been very efficient for the three years he’s been here. Made a lot of big plays,” Alexander told the Go4it podcast hosted by Paul Gant. “People don’t give him as much credit as they should because of whatever reason.  He’s made a lot of awesome plays with his legs, extended plays.

“I know Tyrod will continue to get better, and hopefully, obviously bringing in a new offensive coordinator. I don’t know what their plans are obviously this year, but just making sure that playing to his strengths as a quarterback. And I think that’s what great coaches do in general.”

This is a tricky situation. Taylor is a solid quarterback. He has proven that he can lead a team to the playoffs. Also, Taylor protects the football. Taylor threw only four interceptions in 2017, but can he take you any further?

I’m not so sure he can, and I don’t think the Bills do either. Why else do you bench him during the season for Nathan Peterman?

If Buffalo does not think he is the guy, maybe you keep him for one year and find that QB of the future in the draft.