HOF Alex English likes Jokic over Embiid(Audio)

 Denver Nuggets C Nikola Jokic did it all for the Denver Nuggets this season. The First-Team All-NBA star led the Nuggets in points, rebounds, and assists per game(20.1 ppg, 10.8 rpg, 7.3 apg). Jokic’s ability to do it all was one of the reasons Denver had the second best record in the Western Conference. Ultimately, the Nuggets would lose to the Blazers in the second round of the playoffs.

Is Jokic the best center in the game?

Well, there is a center in Philadelphia named Joel Embiid who might argue. The Second-Team All-NBA star was fourth in the NBA in scoring(27.5 ppg) and was second in the NBA in rebounding(13.6 rpg), and like Jokic, Embiid and the 76ers would lose in the second round of the playoffs.

If it were up to Hall of Famer and former Denver Nuggets  star Alex English, he would go with Jokic.

“Hands down I would take Jokic,” English recently told the Go4it podcast with host Paul Gant when asked to choose between Jokic and Embiid. “There’s even no question. I look at the effort he puts into the game, how he gets back on defense, his effort on the floor. What he does on the floor, I would take him without a second thought… He’s inside; he’s outside, he passes, he rebounds. He’s just a solid player for me.”

Both of these guys are big-time players. For me, it’s Embiid because of the things he does on the defensive end. Embiid(1.9 blocks per game) was a Second-Team All-Defensive center, and I believe he is a better scorer than Jokic, and statistically, Embiid is the better rebounder. However, Jokic is the better passer and is the best passing center in the game.

You can’t go wrong with either center, but in terms of pure talent, I have to go with Embiid, and if he can stay healthy, Embiid is the choice. However, if you have any doubts about Embiid’s healthy, you go with Jokic.

Listen below as English talks Embiid and Jokic at 7:55 mark:


Report: Cavs, Nuggets, and Pacers engaged in trade talks involving George and Love

According to ESPN, leading up to last Thursday’s draft, the Cavaliers, Nuggets, and Pacers engaged in talks on a three-way deal that would have sent Paul George to Cleveland, Kevin Love to Denver, and Indiana would have received players from the Nuggets.  Denver’s Emmanuel Mudiay, Kenneth Faried, and Wilson Chandler are all said to be available, according to the report.

The Cavs are still interested in the 27-year-old George, and will continue to pursue him, according to the report.

Also, the Cavaliers are reportedly interested in both Carmelo Anthony and Dwyane Wade, if one or both players receive buyouts.

If the Cavs can get their hands on George, obviously they will be able to contend with the Warriors. Cleveland knows that they can’t bring the same team back, and expect to beat the Warriors.  Whether it’s Anthony, Wade, or George, expect some changes to the Cavs roster next season.

Cleveland was not the only team trying to get George. The Lakers, Rockets, Spurs, and Celtics have all reportedly tried to get their hands on George before the draft. George reportedly would like to play for the Lakers. He can opt out of his contract with the Pacers in the summer of 2018.