Giants’ Saquon Barkley talks origin of “Vanilla Vick’

Who is ‘Vanilla Vick’ well, apparently, it’s New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones, who has been “Vanilla Vick’ all season long for New York.

Jones, who was mic’d up last week in the Giants’ win over the Texans, was given the nickname by his teammate Saquon Barkley.

On Thursday, Barkley explained the origin of ‘Vanilla Vick.’

“I can’t even take credit for that,” Barkley said. “I saw it on social media so long ago. I forgot he was mic’d up. But that’s where it kind of came from. I can’t take credit for it. I saw it on Twitter or something like that.”

Jones is not a runner like Michael Vick, but he’s not bad. In fact, Jones is fourth among quarterbacks in rushing yards(387) this season; he also has three touchdowns on the ground. Jones has always been effective running the ball, including a career-long 80-yard run in 2020 against the Eagles. 

The Giants and Barkley hope Jones can keep up his ‘Vanilla Vick’ ways against the Lions on Sunday.

Watch below as Barkley talks’ Vanilla Vick’ and more:

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