Eagles’ Sirianni responds to DeMarcus Lawrence

When the Cowboys and Eagles play, it’s always a big game, and on Sunday night at Lincoln Financial Field, the 5-0 Eagles will battle the 4-1 Cowboys.

Philadelphia is the only undefeated team in football, and after losing their season-opener and their quarterback Dak Prescott to injury, the Cowboys have won four straight. 

After five games, the Eagles have one of the best offenses in football and are a top-5 team in points per game. One reason the offense has been so good is quarterback Jalen Hurts. The third-year quarterback has thrown for 1359 yards and 10(six on the ground) combined touchdowns.

However, Dallas has a top-10 defense and is second in the NFL in sacks. According to Cowboys DE DeMarcus Lawrence, we don’t know how good Hurts is until they play Dallas.

“Has he played us?” Lawrence asked this week. “All right. “All you need to write is he hasn’t played the Cowboys yet, so we don’t know how good he is.”

On Friday, Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni responded to Lawrence’s comments.

“I’m not really into bulletin board material, to be quite honest with you, because our greatest motivation is to play for each other,” Sirianni said. “This team loves each other. This is what is making this team a special team, is that they’re in it for each other, and they’re in it to not let each other down, to play for each other.

“That’s why we’re in it as coaches, to put our guys in positions to help them play great. That’s the motivation we need, is just, hey, for each other. I don’t want to let [QB] Jalen [Hurts] down. I don’t want to let [DT Fletcher] Fletch [Cox] down. That’s a contagious thing.

“When all the guys want to play for each other, that’s when it’s a special thing. And, hey, [Dallas Cowboys DE] DeMarcus Lawrence is a great football player, and we’re going to have to be ready for where he is no matter where he is on the field, so we know how good of a football player he is, and how good of a defense this is for that matter.

“But we’re playing for each other, and that’s our greatest motivation.”

It’s a division game; it’s a big game, and we will learn a lot about both teams after Sunday. In addition, it should be interesting to see if Lawrence’s comments bring out the best in Hurts.

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