Eagles’ Sirianni: ‘Jalen(Hurts) is, in my opinion, more comfortable in the offense’

This is a big season for Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts as he is looking to prove that he can be the franchise quarterback for the team. 

As he enters his third season in the league and his second in Nick Sirianni’s offense, the Eagles hope Hurts can elevate his game and his team. 

According to Sirianni, Hurts, who led the Eagles to the playoffs after throwing for 3144 yards and 16 touchdowns to go along with 749 rushing yards and 10 touchdowns in 2021, has looked very comfortable in the offense.

“Jalen is, in my opinion, more comfortable in the offense, right,” Sirianni said Wednesday as the team continued voluntary OTAs. “That’s just the part of the process, the second year. He knows where the receivers are going to be versus different looks. He knows where to go with the football a little bit quicker.

“We’ve done our job as coaches, and I don’t want to say we’ve done a good job, but what we’ve done as coaches is figured out what he likes and what he’s good at and all these different things. It’s just accumulating those reps.

“Like we talked about, I think you guys asked me that last year, was some of these quarterbacks that have been played for so long, they’re in year 15, 16, 17, they’re getting better at reading it, why, because they’ve seen the play over and over and over again. That’s the same progression Jalen has.”

Sirianni is confident that Hurts has the character to improve and become a better player.

‘The reason we know Jalen is going to continue to get better is because of the character, and the football character and the personal character that he has,” Sirianni said. “He’s just the type of guy that’s going to reach his maximum potential because of all the off-the-field qualities he has. I’ve also noticed just the crispness of the drop. It’s been the fundamentals — his fundamentals have improved, and he’s really worked hard at that.

“He’s working every day to get better, and I’m really pleased where he is right now, but we have to continue to lay the groundwork. That he went 11 of 12 yesterday in 7-on-7 means nothing. He has to continue to get better and better and better. I don’t know; you guys would have a better feel what he was today. I didn’t keep track. I’ll go watch it when I’m done with you guys, but I thought he had a pretty good day today, too.

“But really what I noticed is he’s really seeing where to go with the football and going there quick.”

On paper, the Eagles have the talent to be an improved team next season, but for that to happen, Hurts, who was solid last season, has to be better.

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