Sexton: ‘I love Cleveland; I want to be here’

Most of the 2021-22 NBA season for Collin Sexton was spent rehabbing his torn left meniscus, which he suffered in November. 

Sexton, who missed 71 games this season, spent most of his time in Atlanta rehabbing his knee. At this point, Sexton, who addressed the media on Saturday, says he does not have a timeline on when he will be healthy, but he expects to be ready by training camp.

“I’ll be ready for training camp for sure,” Sexton said.

The fourth-year guard can become a restricted free agent at season’s end if the Cavs extend a qualifying offer of $7.2 million.

According to Sexton, he would love to return to Cleveland. 

“I want to be here in Cleveland,” Sexton said. “I love the organization; I love my teammates… I know I want to continue to be a part of this winning culture and be a part of this culture. I feel like me just being able to be the start of it helped us get to where we are yesterday and where we are right now and in the present. I love Cleveland; I want to be here.”

The 23-year-old Sexton, who stayed connected with the team virtually before returning to Cleveland, says that not playing has helped him see the game differently, which will help him when he returns to the court. 

“When I do get back on the court, I’ll be able to see the game a lot better than I did before,” he said. “I’m using this time to my advantage.”

Sexton cheered his team on from the sideline, but according to him, the most challenging part was not being on the court with his teammates.

“I feel like that’s the toughest part, knowing that I can’t go to war with my team and go to war with my guys,” he said. “The only thing I can do is be the best cheerleader out there. but I couldn’t step in-between those lines and help any way possible, so whenever I seen something, I would be another coach on the bench, but it’s nothing like being out there on the court.”

At this point, it appears that Cleveland wants to bring him back. The former eighth overall pick spent a lot of time around the team. He can score at a high level, as we’ve seen last season, where he averaged a career-high 24.3 points on 48% shooting from the floor.

So much can happen from now until the summer. The two sides could not agree on a contract extension before the season, and it should be interesting to see if they will come to an agreement now. Sexton is now being represented by Klutch Sports.

The Cavs can match whatever contract a team offers Sexton, so Cleveland controls the situation.

In my opinion, the best role for Sexton is sixth man, especially with Caris LeVert on the roster. Sexton could be instant offense off the bench, while the 6-6 LeVert makes Cleveland’s big lineup even bigger, but again, the Cavs control the situation.

Watch below as Sexton talks return and more:


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