Buccaneers’ Sherman: ‘I think I bring a level of leadership and accountability’

On Wednesday, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers added veteran free agent corner, Richard Sherman.

According to PFF’s Doug Kyed, it’s a one-year contract worth up to $2.25 million with $500,000 guaranteed.

The 33-year-old Sherman comes to Tampa Bay after spending three seasons with the San Francisco 49ers. Last season, Sherman, who struggled with a calf injury, played five games for the 49ers.

Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians is happy with the addition of the five-time Pro Bowler.

“A veteran, experienced guy who’s been a Pro Bowl player,” Arians said. “One of the smartest players – having gone against ‘Sherm,’ it’s really odd to see him on our team. We’ve battled many, many times over the years. But yeah, we’re really glad to have him, and obviously, he’s got a lot to learn and get into football speed right now. It’s a really good addition.”

In July, Sherman was arrested and charged with five misdemeanors after a domestic dispute at his wife’s parents’ home in Redmond, Washington. Sherman, who pleaded not guilty to the charges, has a pre-trial hearing on Friday in Washington.

Sherman, who is currently receiving counseling, says the incident fueled his motivation to get help.

“It really forced me to step back and go ask for help and get the help I need and to not be afraid, to be proud to ask,” Sherman said. “In that, it’s been remarkable how many other people have said they had the same issue. Because you always feel like you’re alone. You always feel like you’re the only one dealing with this.”

The Buccaneers are banged up in the secondary after injuries to corners Sean Murphy-Bunting and Jamel Dean. Sherman believes he can bring a lot to Tampa Bay’s defense and the team.

“The same thing I usually bring – I think I bring a level of leadership and accountability,” he said. “I think I bring a high level of play. I think sometimes, from the outside looking in, people think he’s this old, and that changes the way you play, but it really doesn’t. My standard of play is just higher. The standards that people hold me to are just higher. I’m not allowed to have bad games. I’m not allowed to give up catches without getting killed. I think the accountability part, I’ll bring that, and hopefully, I’ll earn the respect of my teammates.”

Sherman and Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady has had their share of battles over the years. However, Brady was a big reason Sherman, who had other suitors, came to the Buccaneers as he recruited the three-time All-Pro.

“Me and Tom have had a great relationship over the years,” Sherman said. “I think people get confused [by] on the field stuff, but we’ve texted over the years and have had a really cool relationship. I always thought it would be really cool to play together if we had the opportunity.”

According to Sherman, him and Brady have a lot in common.

“Anything that it takes to win – [we are] obsessed about this game,” Sherman said and him and Brady. “A lot of what Kobe Bryant stood for – the late great. You can appreciate that about each other. That’s what kind of attracted me to come because I know that he’s the same kind of animal I am. For better or for worse – you’ll do whatever it takes to get these wins and to find a way to get your team where they need to be.”

Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians is unsure if Sherman will play this Sunday against the Patriots. However, Arians did not rule it out.


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