Jags’ Meyer: ‘I’m here and committed to try to build an organization’

Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer has no interest in the USC coaching job, at least that’s what he said on Wednesday.

“There’s no chance that—I’m here and committed to try to build an organization,” Meyer said.

On Monday, USC fired head coach Clay Helton, and from there, the speculation was that Meyer had an interest in that job, but he made it clear that he wants to stay in Jacksonville.

The 57-year-old Meyer, who won three National Championships in college with Florida and Ohio State, has gotten off to a rough start in Jacksonville. The Jaguars did not look very good in their season-opening loss to the Texans, and there have been rumors that players have been unhappy with some of his coaching methods. 

In addition, many have criticized his handling of the quarterback competition between the number one overall pick Trevor Lawrence and Gardner Minshew.

However, according to Meyer, everybody is committed to getting things right in Jacksonville.

“I think every team—I don’t ever want to fall into that trap of saying this is a 4-year plan, a 3-year plan,” he said. “That’s not fair to players. This is a one-game plan, and then we’ll worry about the next game. So, that’s not fair to the [players]. There are some guys that have played a lot of football in that locker room, and they deserve our very best, and that’s what it is. Other than a bruised soul that we all have right now, we’re still swinging away.”

It’s only one game, and no expected Jacksonville to be world-beaters overnight. Meyer may have to adjust some things, but that all comes with experience on the NFL level. 

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