Bucs’ Bruce Arians was not happy with offense on Wednesday

One thing we know about Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians is he doesn’t mind telling the truth, and he doesn’t mind relating how he feels about his superstar quarterback.

On Wednesday, the Buccaneers began their joint practices with the Tennessee Titans in Tampa Bay, and according to Arians, Tom Brady did some things well and some things not so good.

“I didn’t think he was very sharp,” Arians said on Wednesday. “Our third-down percentage, I think, was really poor in that one. We took some shots downfield on first down [and] guys were open. He made some really good throws that were dropped, too. We’ll grade the tape, but I didn’t come off the field saying he wowed everybody.”

Arians added on the drop passes:

“They dropped it. Catch it. Sh**, [there] ain’t no excuse,” he said. “They’re perfectly thrown balls – you catch the damn thing.”

According to Brady, Tampa Bay has to learn from what went wrong on Wednesday before the season-opener against Dallas.

“We didn’t connect that much today, so hopefully, we can really learn from today,” Brady said. “I always hate not competing and then saying, ‘Oh, we’re going to learn from it.’ The reality is we’ve got to learn from when things don’t go well – how do we respond early, how do we respond in the middle, and how do we respond in the third quarter?

“I’ve been in games when we’ve been down a lot of points, and we came back and won. Just because it doesn’t go well early, you can’t just say, ‘Oh, you know it will be there tomorrow’ or ‘Let’s figure it out tomorrow.’ We’ve got a lot of learning to do, and we have to push it. We have a certain amount of time before Dallas. Every game is not going to be easy. Every play isn’t going to be easy, but we have to fight our way out of everything.”

This is why you have practices and the preseason, so teams can work through their mistakes and get right for the regular season.

Tampa Bay battles the Titans in preseason game number two on Saturday, and they continue their joint practices with Tennessee on Thursday.

Photo: Tampa Bay Buccaneers


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