Giants’ Judge on Glennon: ‘I’m pleased with the way he’s managing the offense’

New York Giants backup quarterback Mike Glennon will get the start for the team in their preseason opener against the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium on Saturday night.

Giants starting quarterback Daniel Jones was given the night off and will not play against the Jets.

The 31-year-old Glennon, who signed with the Giants in the offseason after spending the 2020 season in Jacksonville, will be suiting up for his sixth team in six years.

On Thursday, Giants head coach Joe Judge discussed what he wants to see from the nine-year veteran on Saturday night.

“I want him to go out there and function, see the efficiency of the offense,” Judge said. “To me, the quarterback’s role is always to make sure the offense operates the way it should, that’s they’re on the same page and just consistently improve. One thing I’ve seen in Mike is consistently taking a step forward every day.

“I’m pleased with the way he’s managing the offense and the more experience he has with (Offensive Coordinator) Jason (Garrett) calling plays for a year and playing with our players. — obviously, he’s had a short-term window for that being in spring and being in training camp for three weeks now. So, more experience we can get together on the field.”

As a backup in the NFL, Glennon, who started five games for the Jaguars last season, knows he has to be ready at all times.

“The number one job is you have to be ready to play and to go if need be,” said Glennon via “But there’s a lot of work behind the scenes. There’s a lot of dialogue in the quarterback room. Me asking questions that pertain to me, but maybe I’m also asking it in hopes that it might be something that is good for Daniel to hear. Also, just being his support system and having his back. I think that goes a long way because it’s inevitable in the NFL that you’re going to throw an interception or have a bad play here and there, and the crowd could be against you. I always want to be the guy that’s there, and that has his back when things are going bad, too. I want to let him know that we’re all behind that. Just have that presence of like, ‘Man, the whole stadium might be against me right now, but there’s someone in your corner.'”

Glennon and Clayton Thorson will be the two quarterbacks that will play for the Giants on Saturday night.


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