Eagles’ Sirianni is in no rush to name Hurts the starting quarterback

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts has an opportunity to show that he is a franchise-caliber player. The second-year quarterback will probably be Philly’s starter barring any changes in 2021.

However, while he has been getting most of first-team reps at quarterback during training camp, at this point, Hurts has not been named the starter.

According to Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni, that decision might not come anytime soon.

“There’s just no rush there on having to do that,” Sirianni said this week. “Again, we just want him to continue to impress and show like he has, and we’re just not there yet.”

There were also rumors that Philadelphia was talking to the Houston Texans about quarterback Deshaun Watson, who had requested a trade.

This week, Sirianni was asked if he discusses those things with Hurts and the possible distractions that could come with those rumors. 

“We talk as a group of how do you get better every single day, and this is my conversation with Jalen, and this will be my conversation with all the players,” Sirianni said. “How do you get better every single day? And we talk about our core values: Our connect, our compete, our accountability, our football IQ, our fundamentals, and then what are the distractions that don’t allow you to get better every day?

“And the distractions are different for everybody. They are different for everybody. Some are — and I won’t get into that. Everybody’s distractions are different, and everybody’s going through something different. The message is clear with everybody: What are we doing to get better every day, and what are we willing to eliminate from our life that is not allowing us to accomplish that goal?”

You would think it could be in Hurts’s best interest to name him the starter now, which could give him confidence in training camp and help him going into the season. However, Sirianni has to do what he feels is the best way to motivate Hurts, or maybe Joe Flacco has a legitimate shot at the starting QB spot(which I doubt), but for right now, Hurts is competing to be QB1 for the Philadelphia Eagles in 2021.

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