Rivera on Haskins: ‘We didn’t see the growth’

In 2019, the Washington Football Team selected Dwayne Haskins with the 15th overall pick in that year’s draft. Haskins came to Washington with a lot of promise after throwing 50 touchdown passes in his only season at Ohio State. 

Last season, Haskins started seven games for Washington. In those seven games, Haskins was 2-5 as a starter and threw for 1365 yards and seven touchdowns with seven interceptions. Coming into the 2020 season, Haskins was named the starter and was not awful for Washington. In four games, Haskins threw for 939 yards and four touchdowns, but three interceptions. More importantly, Washington was 1-3. 

After the slow start for Haskins, Washington head coach Ron Rivera decided to make a change. Against the Rams, QB Kyle Allen started but left after an injury, and Alex Smith would finish the game for the team. 

As Washington prepares for Daniel Jones, who went sixth overall in the 2019 NFL Draft, and the New York Giants, Rivera explained why he decided to replace Haskins with Allen.

“Well, you sit there and look at what we did with Dwayne(Haskins) – we didn’t have the offseason you would’ve liked to have had in terms of his chance to develop,” Rivera said. “So, we went into training camp, and we gave him every rep with the 1’s for several weeks, and then we gave him a chance to play, and he played four straight games, and every rep he’s taken has been with the 1’s. Just in the evaluation process, we weren’t seeing what we needed to see. We didn’t see the growth that we thought you needed.

“Plus, looking at where the schedule was taking us – you know we have four games, and you could honestly say six games which are all conference games, or five of those six are conference games, and three of those are divisional, and there’s an opportunity to make some hay in our division. So, I felt like I wanted to put the ball in a couple of guys’ hands that know the system: [Washington QB] Kyle Allen, who’s been with me for three seasons, who knows our system; [Washington QB] Alex Smith, who’s a guy that’s made a tremendous comeback who knows the system. So, I felt that our chances in these next six games would be increased by doing that and so that’s what I did.”

Obviously, we don’t get to see what happens during practice, but it’s clear, Haskins is not Rivera’s guy. When Washington drafted Haskins, Rivera was in Carolina. 

Is it the right move? I guess Allen would give Washington a better chance of winning since he knows and played in this offensive system in Carolina. However, I think we’ve seen enough of Allen to realize he does not have the goods. You could argue Washington has a shot to win the lousy NFC East, but if you watch this team play, it’s pretty apparent that they are not very good, which means Washington should let Haskins play and see what happens.


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