Bills’ McDermott on backup QB spot: ‘I’m very confident in Matt(Barkley)’

With the COVID-19 pandemic and the physicality of the NFL, teams in the league must have as much depth as possible.

In reality, at any point, and at any time, players could contract the virus. 

So, when you look at the Buffalo Bills, they have their quarterback in Josh Allen, who led the team to 10 wins and a berth in the playoffs last season. At this point, if something were to happen to Allen, Buffalo’s backup QB would be Matt Barkley. 

In two appearances last season, the eight-year veteran threw for 359 yards with no touchdowns and three interceptions, so some believe Buffalo needs to upgrade the backup quarterback position. However, Bills head coach Sean McDermott has a lot of confidence in Barkley.

“Very confident. I’m very confident in Matt for a lot of reasons,” McDermott said last week. “All that being said, you know competition is good to have. A competition at that position and competition across our roster. And I think Brandon and his staff have done a good job of providing that. So we’ll just see how it plays out. Right. Obviously, you look at Josh and the growth that Josh and the time that he’s put in. The growth that he’s shown to this point and what we expect to get from him moving forward, and then you’ve got to have depth in this league; you guys know that depth is important. At every position. In this case, the quarterback position in particular.

“So, you know, I think the reality of this year in particular is what happens if said player comes down with the virus and so even more important that that you have depth and quality depth. In this case, as you mentioned at the quarterback position and any position for that matter, so it’s something that we take seriously, making sure that our depth is what we need it to be.”

Behind Allen and Barkley, is rookie Jake Fromm and third-year quarterback Davis Webb III. The 29-year-old Barkley is not a bad backup, and in 2018, he started one game for the Bills, which he performed well and led Buffalo to victory over the Jets. Could the Bills find a better backup? Probably, but Allen did play all 16 games last season, so maybe it won’t even be an issue.

If they decide to upgrade the backup QB position, Colin Kaepernick is out there, but he has not played in three seasons, so who knows what the 32-year-old Kaepernick would be, but if the Bills lose confidence in Barkley, Kaepernick might be worth a look. 

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