Jags’ Khan believes Marrone can lead the team to a Super Bowl

In 2017, the Jacksonville Jaguars finished the regular season 10-6 and were very close to going to the Super Bowl. In the AFC title game against the Patriots, the Jaguars had a lead late in the fourth quarter, but Tom Brady worked his magic, and Jacksonville would lose 24-20.

After that season, the Jaguars have struggled. Jacksonville has missed the playoffs the last two seasons and have a record of 11-21. 

Because of Jacksonville’s struggles, many thought that the Jaguars would fire head coach Doug Marrone, but that was not the case as Jaguars owner Shad Khan decided to part ways with Executive Vice President of Football Operations, Tom Coughlin.

On Tuesday at a press conference, Khan explained why he felt it was in the team’s best interest to keep Marrone and GM Dave Caldwell. 

“The key question that I have to ask myself, ‘Is this the time to start over from where we were just two years ago?’ A game away from the Super Bowl. I know things change greatly year to year, but we’ve been closer more recently than many teams in the league. My feeling is that we can return to that place and go much faster to where we want to be if we can keep some things intact for 2020.

“We have a really good core of young players from our recent drafts. We have excellent draft capital. The message as the whole football organization as I met with them after our season was over, is the time to win is now. We have everything really in place with some of the changes to expect a good season. The results are going to speak for themselves a year from now, and we will all know if this is the right approach I took, and I will take full responsibility for it.”

This is Marrone’s last chance to turn things around for the Jaguars, and as we have seen in recent years, things can turn around very fast in the NFL, so if the Jaguars can have a good draft and bring in the right free agents, maybe things can turn around for this team in 2020. If not, Marrone and Caldwell are probably looking for new jobs. 

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