Andy Reid on Mahomes: ‘For a young guy, he’s a special kid’

Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes is the best quarterback in football, and that has been on full display in these playoffs, including yesterday when he threw for 294 yards and three touchdowns, and he also led the Chiefs in rushing against the Titans, when he ran for 53 yards and added another touchdown on the ground, as Kansas City defeated Tennessee 35-24 in the AFC title game to advance to play the 49ers in Super Bowl 54 in Miami.

The third-year quarterback, just like he did against the Texans in the Divisional round, started slow, but picked it up as the game went along. Kansas City trailed 17-7 in the second quarter; however, the Chiefs would score the next 28 points to gain complete control of the game.

Mahomes, 24, always seems to play under control and made all the plays needed for Kansas City to beat Tennessee, and according to Chiefs head coach Andy Reid, Mahomes is a special player.

“He’s great to be around every day because he brings energy every day,” Reid said on Monday. “You respect that. Everybody has their ups and downs because there is life outside of football. When he’s in that building it’s all football; it’s all team. He’s never said it’s about me.

“I’ve never heard that from him. It’s all 100% about the team and how we’re doing and what can we do better, where can I help. Then, he buckles down to get the game plan down and he studies. For the young guys out there, what a great example. He’s not the fastest guy out there, but you see him know when to run when to get down, know when to throw it. For a young guy, he’s a special kid. The city is lucky to have him. It’s a nice match up having great fans and a great quarterback like that.”

When they get it going, Kansas City’s offense has been unstoppable in these playoffs, and no matter how great of a year Lamar Jackson had in Baltimore, Mahomes, who threw 50 touchdowns last season, has proven in these playoffs that he is the best quarterback in the NFL.


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