Barkley on Jones: ‘He is going to be one of the best quarterbacks in the league, that’s a fact’

While the 2019 NFL season ended in disappointment for the New York Giants(4-12) as they lost to the Philadelphia Eagles 34-17 in the season finale at MetLife Stadium on Sunday, the team can be excited about the future, especially at the quarterback position.

Rookie QB Daniel Jones showed a lot of promise in 2019. Jones led all rookie quarterbacks with 24 touchdown passes this season, the fourth-most by a rookie quarterback in a single season in NFL history. Only Baker Mayfield (27 in 2018), Peyton Manning (26 in 1998), and Russell Wilson (26 in 2012) had more.

Even though the Giants struggled this season, Jones was a bright spot, and according to Giants RB Saquon Barkley, Jones will be one of the best quarterback in the NFL.

“He is a heck of a player,” Barkley said. “He is going to be one of the best quarterbacks in the league, that’s a fact, I know that for sure. Not because of his talent, he is very talented. Put his talent aside, his worth ethic. The way he comes to work, he is one of the first people in and one of the last people to leave. You can see how passionate he is, and he actually cares about this sport. He’s rare; he’s very rare. He is going to be very special.

“For all the ones that doubted him or didn’t think he was the right draft pick, it doesn’t even matter because he doesn’t have to prove that to you guys. You guys will see that; I think you saw flashes this year. As time comes, you will see more of that.”

Jones has shown a lot of flashes, but he will have to clean up the turnovers, especially the fumbles. However, one thing we know about rookies is that they make mistakes. Will he be one of the best quarterbacks in football moving forward? That’s tough to say, but can he be a very good player? Yes! 

It should be interesting to see how much progress he makes in his second season, how much talent the Giants can put around him, and who the coach will be moving forward, but in the end, the Giants should feel comfortable about the quarterback position moving forward. 

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