Bills’ White: ‘I feel way more confident than I did in 2017, for sure’

The Buffalo Bills(10-4) are back in the playoffs, which is excellent news for the fans in Western New York. The Bills clinched a playoff berth by defeating the Steelers on Sunday night. 

The last time the Bills made the playoffs was back in 2017 when Buffalo needed some help to make the playoffs in the final game of the season. At that time, the Bills were in the playoffs for the first time since 1999, so they were just happy to be there, including Pro Bowl corner Tre’Davious White, who was apart of that 2017 team that lost to the Jaguars in the wildcard round. 

According to White, this version of the Bills is much different than that 2017 team.

“I feel like that this team is more together. We bonded more,” White said on Wednesday. “Obviously, we have guys who have been here for three years, so we know what to expect, too. So, I feel like we have a little bit more experience. I would say that. But, I mean, things change from year to year. I feel like going into the playoffs with this team; I feel way more confident than I did in 2017, for sure.”

At this point, the Bills still have a shot at winning the AFC East, but it’s a long shot. They have to beat the Patriots on Saturday in Foxboro and beat the Jets at home. Then, this is the hard part; they have to hope the Dolphins can beat the Patriots on the road in Week 17. 

Based on those scenarios, it’s safe to say that the Bills will probably be one of the two wild card teams in the AFC, which again, is still good news for Buffalo.

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