Minshew on last game in Oakland: ‘I probably saw more middle fingers today than I have in my whole life’

For most of Sunday’s game against the Raiders, Jaguars rookie QB Gardner Minshew had a hard time getting the offense going, but in typical Minshew fashion, he woke up in the second half, and the Jaguars’ five-game losing streak is over as they defeated the Raiders 20-16, in what was the final game in Oakland and the Oakland Coliseum.

Trailing 16-6 entering the fourth quarter, Minshew led the Jaguars on two scoring drives, including the game-winning score, which was a 4-yard TD pass to WR Chris Conley. Minshew finished the game with 201 yards and two touchdowns.

“Yeah, these games are the most fun,” Minshew said after the game. “They suck for 90 percent of it, you feel like crap. But Then you keep grinding and find a way. There’s nobody I’d rather do it with than these guys.”

 While Oakland’s fans were sad to see their team lose for the final team as the Raiders head off to Las Vegas in 2020, Jaguars DE Calais Campbell was thrilled to spoil the party.

“I was just thinking about how historic this place is, this city, football in this city, the legendary coaches, legendary players, legendary owner,” Campbell said. “Football is big in this building, and just to be a part of it in the last game here and to pull out a win, it feels good. We wanted to play well. It was a great motive for us. The whole game we just kept believing and found a way to get it done baby. Just win, baby.”

The fans in Oakland have a reputation for being a rowdy bunch, something that Minshew saw up close and personal on Sunday.

“I probably saw more middle fingers today than I have in my whole life,” Minshew said. “These fans have a good time, though, and it was fun to ruin that for them.”

Minshew and the Jaguars will go down in history as the team that won the final game in Oakland, and according to the rookie QB, Jacksonville will be an answer to a trivia question for years to come.

“It was awesome,” he said. “It’s a piece of football history. Something special to be a part of. It will be an Aflac trivia question 20 years from now, so it’s definitely going to be cool to be a part of that.”

The streak is over for Jacksonville, and for now, and possibly forever, NFL football is done in Oakland. 






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