Eagles’ Schwartz on defense celebrating down 14 points against Seattle: ‘I didn’t have a problem with that’

For the Philadelphia Eagles, Sunday’s game against the Seahawks was an ugly day for the team, and because of the lack of offense, the Eagles would fall to the Seahawks 17-9.

The Eagles’ defense came to play. Philadelphia’s defense held Russell Wilson and the Seahawks’ offense to 17 points, which is huge considering that many believe Wilson was playing like an MVP candidate.

Even though the Eagles’ defense played well, the unit was criticized for what it did after creating a turnover.

Early in the fourth quarter, with the Eagles trailing by 14 points, Philadelphia was able to recover a Seahawks’ fumble. After the fumble recovery, the Eagles’ defense ran to the end zone to celebrate. This celebration was criticized by some because Philadelphia was trailing 17-3.

On Tuesday, Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz addressed the celebration.

“I’m pretty old school. I’m old school when it comes to celebrations or music at practice,” Schwartz said. “I probably have the biggest get-off-my-lawn sign in the whole neighborhood (jokingly).

“I mean, I grew up in Baltimore. Swag was Johnny Unitas with black high tops and a crew cut. That’s the way I grew up, but I think you have to also set that scene. We had just taken the field after the fourth or fifth turnover, one of those. I don’t remember what it was. There were ten minutes left in the game, I think that’s right around the scene right there, and if we give up a score there the game is pretty much over because it turns into a three-score game and it would be probably inside eight, nine minutes and that’s a tough situation to be in.

“So we had a job to do. We had to go out on the field and get a stop. And not only get a stop, but the ability to get the ball back in that situation. We actually caused two fumbles in a row and were able to get those and give our offense a chance.

“It didn’t work out for us, but we ask our guys to go out on the field and play with some passion and play with some excitement, and I don’t know what the rule book is when it comes to stuff like that, but I would certainly — from an old school guy like me, I didn’t have a problem with that.

“We expect them to go out on the field and be excited and play with some passion. I would much rather have that headline be written about us or that criticism be out there about us than whatever, ‘Defense took the field dejected.’

“I like the resiliency our guys have shown in those situations. A lot of those getting the ball backs. We forced the fumble late against Minnesota when the game was sort of out of reach. We got an interception against Dallas that sort of gave us a fighting chance. We got a stop and blocked a kick against Detroit.

“I like the fact that the guys go out there and play passionate football and have an attitude to get a stop and a never-say-die attitude. I think those are all positives. I don’t view those as negatives.”

Hey, was the celebration that big of a deal? No! It’s not an issue. The Eagles losing on Sunday had nothing to do with the defense running to the end zone to celebrate. However, it does look bad when you are down by 14 points, but in the end, it had no bearing on the game. Therefore, it really does not matter.

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