Pederson on Agholor: ‘It would have been a spectacular catch if he’d have got it’

On Sunday at Lincoln Financial Field, the Patriots and Eagles battled in a rematch of Super Bowl 52. However, this time around the Patriots would win 17-10. This game was a defensive battle, unlike Super Bowl 52, which ended with the Eagles winning 41-33.

In Super Bowl 52, Eagles WR Nelson Agholor had a solid game as he caught nine passes for 84 yards, and yesterday with the Eagles trailing 17-10 late in the fourth quarter, Agholor had a chance to tie the game, but Carson Wentz’s pass in the end zone went off his fingertips and incomplete.

“It would have been a heck of a catch,” Eagles head coach Doug Pederson said on Monday. “The angle he was on, and I don’t know if the wind moved the ball at all, but he was having to bend back over his shoulder. It would have been a spectacular catch if he’d have got it. I’m sure he’s beating himself up for not making that play.”

It would have been a great catch. However, Agholor can’t be faulted for dropping that pass. Wentz was under pressure and had to throw it up for grabs, and Agholor just could not hold onto the ball. You can blame a few things on Agholor in 2019, but what happened yesterday is not on him.

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