Giants’ Jones: ‘I think there’s a certain sense of urgency in the building’

When you are on a four-game losing streak, you have to do different things as a team, and for the New York Giants, a players-only meeting on Monday was the first step in changing things.

What happened at this meeting? No one is saying.

“We’re going to keep all that kind of stuff between us as players,” Giants starting QB Daniel Jones said on a conference call. “I think there’s a certain sense of urgency in the building, but in terms of that stuff, we’re going to keep that in-house.”

When asked if the meeting was necessary, Jones had this to say:

“Again, like I said, we certainly feel a sense of urgency, and I think guys are coming into work, determined to get it right, but in terms of how that went, we’re going to keep that in-house.”

According to Giants LB Alec Ogletree, the players were happy about what came from the meeting.

“I’ll just leave it at, the players wanted to have our meeting, and we had our meeting and accomplished what we wanted to get done,” Ogletree said.

“We’ve always been together. It’s only us that go out there on the field and play together, so it’s just a matter of making sure everybody is still communicating, still on the same page, and trying to fix the problems.”

If players-only meetings really worked, teams would have them all the time, but maybe this could change things for New York. The big test on whether this meeting worked will be next Monday night against the NFC East-leading Cowboys. A loss against Dallas(4-3) ends New York’s slim chances of winning the NFC East, which is a long shot. However, this is the NFL, so anything can happen.

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