Dalvin Cook on Vikings: ‘I think we are right there with everybody else in the league’

At 6-2, the Minnesota Vikings are playing like one of the better teams in the NFC and the NFL. Last night, the Vikings defeated the Redskins 19-9, and while it was not their best performance, a win is a win.

“We put ourselves in a position for the second half of the season,” Vikings QB Kirk Cousins said after the victory over his former team. “It’s going to be right there for us, and we got to go out and do it. 6-2 doesn’t mean a whole lot if you don’t turn the last eight games into something special.”

After losing to the Bears in Week 4, the Vikings were 2-2. At that time, some wanted to run Cousins out of time, but four straight victories later, and some big-time performances from Cousins, things have definitely changed. Currently, the Vikings are in second place behind the Packers in the NFC North. However, the Vikings have some tough games ahead of them, and Cousins knows the final eight games won’t be easy.

“We got some big-time games up ahead,” Cousins said. “These aren’t going to be easy opponents. We’re going to be playing in tough environments against really good football teams, so the work doesn’t get any easier from here.”

The Vikings’ offense has woken up, and the defense is playing at a decent level, which means, according to RB Dalvin Cook, that Minnesota is as good as any team in football.

“I think we are right there with everybody else in the league,” Cook said.

Minnesota is in a good place right now, but their schedule does get rough, including road games against the Chiefs, Cowboys, Seahawks, and the Packers at home. It won’t be easy for Minnesota, but based on the way they are playing right now, they might be able to navigate through it with success.

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